NeuroRehab Platform

Digital Therapeutics for NeuroRehabilitation

Immersive Rehab’s Digital Therapeutics NeuroRehabilitation Platform aims to improve the effectiveness of NeuroRehabilitation and improve patient outcomes.

Virtual Reality NeuroRehabilitation Platform :

We have already developed two functional Virtual Reality (VR) neurorehabilitation programmes for upper limb rehabilitation and balance training:

– “Fun Fair Towers”


– “Time for Jazz”


Hardware requirements:

  • VR Headset
    – HTC Vive
    – Oculus Rift
  • VR-Ready Desktop or Laptop Computer
    – Processor: Minimum CPU – Intel Core i5
    – Graphics: Nvidia GeForce™ GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon™ RX 480, equivalent or better recommended
    – RAM: 8GB minimum, 16 GB recommended
    – Windows 10 operating system
  • Hand Tracking
    – Leap Motion system
Paralympic athlete and spinal injury patient David Smith is trialling Immersive Rehab’s Digital Therapeutics Neurorehabilitation platform.

If you are a physiotherapist, neurologist or a healthcare professional affiliated with a physical/neurorehabilitation facility, please get in touch via our contact form below to get early access to our Digital Therapeutics NeuroRehabilitation Platform.

More Digital NeuroRehabilitation programmes for upper limb and balance training to come in 2020!