Input request – Virtual Reality for Physical Rehabilitation

Dear all,

We are looking for input from stroke and spinal cord injury patients on their physical rehabilitation experiences.

Immersive Rehab Ltd focuses on using immersive technologies (Virtual Reality) for physical rehabilitation. The team is currently working on the product development to use Virtual Reality as a physical rehabilitation tool in particular for people with important upper limb mobility limitations, thereby increasing patient engagement and improving patient recovery.

If you had a stroke or suffered from a spinal cord injury in the past, could you please complete the survey specific to your condition below? All data will be treated in an anonymous way for research purposes. Thank you in advance.


Spinal Cord Injury:

If you know someone who suffered from a stroke or spinal cord injury, could you please forward the survey specific to their condition to them? Thank you in advance.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch via the Contact form if you have any questions/comments regarding the surveys.

Thank you for your cooperation!