First day of patient trials with the VR Physical Rehab Platform at the Neurokinex NeuroRehabilitation Centre

Today was an amazing and important day for Immersive Rehab!

Immersive Rehab’s VR Physical Rehab Platform was trialled for the first time with physical therapists, spinal cord injury patients and stroke patients at the Neurokinex neuro-rehabilitation centre  . It is crucial to get feedback from rehab professionals and patients in order to further develop the VR Physical Rehab platform and to create the best rehab exercises for a variety of conditions, such as spinal cord injury, stroke and MS.

Please have a look at some live footage from the day below:

Thanks again to the amazing team of therapists and patients at the Neurokinex neuro-rehabilitation centre for a very insightful day!

More trials coming up in the next weeks. We look forward to learning more and  understanding patients’ and therapists’ needs better every day.

Stay tuned for more updates!