Recap of #HowSheDidIt – Designing The Next Generation Of Wearables event

Seven weeks after starting Immersive Rehab that focuses on using Virtual Reality to improve Physical Rehabilitation, I was invited to join the panel of female entrepreneurs at the #HowSheDidIt Event : Designing The Next Generation Of Wearables, organised by Women Of Wearables and Blooming Founders at the Digital Catapult Centre London.

My journey so far as Founder/CEO of Immersive Rehab has been incredibly exciting. After joining the new startup cohort on the Tech For Good Bethnal Green Ventures accelerator programme in September 2016, it has been a steep learning curve for me in terms of dealing with the business, legal and IP aspects of setting up a business from scratch. As a technical founder being an engineer and former scientist, I was very interested in the experiences and the advice of the two other panel members Marija Butkovic from Kisha Smart Umbrella and Kirstin Hancock from Blue Maestro, who are both non-technical founders of successful wearables companies.

As a recap of the event, I was invited by the Women Of Wearables team to write a blog post about the event from a panelist’s perspective:




Featured in Startup Soda Daily: “This Startup is Creating Physical Rehabilitation in Virtual Reality”

Immersive Rehab’s mission to use Virtual Reality to improve the effectiveness of physical rehabilitation was just featured today in Startup Soda’s Daily newsletter @startupsodauk @startupsoda : 


Interview with Bethnal Green Ventures on improving physical rehabilitation using Virtual Reality

Thanks Bethnal Green Ventures @bg_ventures for giving Immersive Rehab the support to improve the effectiveness of physical rehabilitation using Virtual Reality !
#digitalhealth #FemaleFounders

Read all about Immersive Rehab’s startup journey so far as part of the Bethnal Green Ventures accelerator programme:

Thanks for following our journey! More updates to come soon!


Immersive Rehab on Women Of Wearables’ panel

I had an amazing evening with inspirational women working in Wearables, AR & VR as part of the speakers’ panel at the Women Of Wearables @Women_Wearables  & Blooming Founders @bloomingfoundrs event at Digital Catapult in London @DigiCatapult#FemaleFounders #womenintech 

Thanks again for all your great questions and comments! I look forward to sharing more updates with you soon! 


Discussing spinal cord injury with British athlete David Smith and Harvey Sihota from neurokinex

Today, I visited the neurokinex activity based rehabilitation centre. I met with the Founder of neurokinex Harvey Sihota, the British athlete David Smith and their amazing team at neurokinex. We discussed existing issues in neuro/physical rehabilitation, exploring new emerging technologies to stimulate the nervous system, and the use of Virtual Reality and its possibilities to push neuro/physical rehab to the next level. 

I am very excited to start collaborating with the team at neurokinex, Harvey Sihota and David Smith to make Immersive Rehab’s Virtual Reality neuro/physical rehabilitation platform more effective every day.

Thanks again for a very insightful meeting!

Isabel, CEO/Founder


A bit more on the story behind Immersive Rehab 

I recently did an interview with Women Of Wearables @Women_Wearables as CEO & Founder of Immersive Rehab.

You can read the interview here and learn more about the story behind Immersive Rehab and what inspired me to create the company:

Thanks again Women Of Wearables team!

Isabel, Founder/CEO


SOAK VR, the interactive Virtual Reality physical rehabilitation platform will be released in November 2016

The first prototype of SOAK VR, the interactive Virtual Reality physical rehabilitation platform, will be ready for adoption by mid November 2016.

Please get in touch via the contact form for early access to the beta version.

Thanks and stay tuned!


Excited to be speaking at Women of Wearables and Blooming Founders event

Come and listen to my talk about the use of Virtual Reality in Physical Rehab on October 25 at Digital Catapult in London, UK. I will be in the company of other amazing female founders and entrepreneurs.

Please register here:  “How She Did It: Designing The Next Generation Of Wearables” 

I am really excited to be sharing my vision with you and hope to see you all there!


Input request – Virtual Reality for Physical Rehabilitation

Dear all,

We are looking for input from stroke and spinal cord injury patients on their physical rehabilitation experiences.

Immersive Rehab Ltd focuses on using immersive technologies (Virtual Reality) for physical rehabilitation. The team is currently working on the product development to use Virtual Reality as a physical rehabilitation tool in particular for people with important upper limb mobility limitations, thereby increasing patient engagement and improving patient recovery.

If you had a stroke or suffered from a spinal cord injury in the past, could you please complete the survey specific to your condition below? All data will be treated in an anonymous way for research purposes. Thank you in advance.


Spinal Cord Injury:

If you know someone who suffered from a stroke or spinal cord injury, could you please forward the survey specific to their condition to them? Thank you in advance.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch via the Contact form if you have any questions/comments regarding the surveys.

Thank you for your cooperation!


Determining the best way to measure the impact of our product.

​Week 5 on @bg_ventures accelerator programme:

We had another session on impact measurement and how to determine which are the best metrics to use in order to measure the impact of Immersive Rehab Ltd’s products. 

Both qualitative and quantitative metrics are important measures of impact for Immersive Rehab Ltd, and will be used for its initial impact measurements.